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Hi everyone,  Here is a link to a recent interview done by Lisa Hendey of catholicmom.com.  The interview is part of that week’s podcast. Check It Out!




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What is your mission?  What is God calling you to do?

It’s here! The long awaited CD titled “Mission” has been years in the making.  The kids of St. Paul’s Parish have made this album special by contributing their time, their energy, and most importantly, their faith!  Keep an eye (and and ear) out for my newest children’s album.

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The Pictures

The Pictures

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It has arrived!

Mission is a collection of songs written over 8 years with and for the children of Saint Paul’s Church in North Canton, OH. What started it all, was a project with the fourth graders who were working on writing their own personal mission statements. They partnered with someone they identified as a mentor and then began the process of exploring the calling that God had for each of them. Each year a class would get together with me and we would discuss the ideas that were important to them: Service, Making a difference, Following God’s Word, etc.. Using musical Styles that would best bring out the ideas and the unique personality of each group, I came up with a song that they could call their own. Over this time as well, I would be asked to write something for a particular Mass who’s theme was this or that, or for a particular workshop that they were involved in. With the church’s youth group as well, I wrote songs about issues that were important to them.

Now my mission is to spread this journey of faith and music with the world to hopefully inspire and continue the work God started in our parish. Peace.

All songs written by Mike McCabe except “War of the Worlds” written by Ben and Mike McCabe. Lead Vocals by Mike McCabe, except for “Come Be Born in Me”. Lead Vocals by Emma Nielsen and Mike McCabe. Background Vocals: Mary McCabe, Michael Mulig, John Delamater, Erin Montgomery, Chelsea Roden, Scott Calhoun, Thom Nikolaidis, Chriss Mickridge, Laura Konawal, Tosca Rolf, Leslie Nielsen, and the Singers on 22nd Street. Keys/Piano: Steve Parsons Guitars: Moss Binquin, Ben McCabe on “War of the Worlds”, Martin Nielsen Bass/Drum-prog: Martin Nielsen Percussion: Andreas Dobbs. Album concept and design by Melanie Mulig Produced by Martin Nielsen for Airborne Productions and Michael McCabe Recorded at Airborne Productions 2008.

The Music:

1. New Century

2. For God’s Purpose

3. You, You, You

4. Mission

5. The Edge

6. Automatically

7. Believe

8. Our God is Wonderful

9. Thank You God

10. Our Mission in Life

11. God Said

12. Come Be Born in Me

13. Beacon

14. War of Worlds (feat. Ben McCabe)

15. We Can Make a Difference


CD is available locally at St.Rafael Bookstore, Aultman Gift Shop, Davies Drug Stores, St. Paul’s Church office

CD is available on Web at CDbaby.com

napster.com itunes.com

The Doctor is In

The Doctor is In


The Dr. Is In

Released in 1998, this collection of songs continues to change in perspective as my kids are growing up.  Now in Grade School, the songs explore self esteem, performance anxiety, fear, peer pressure, make believe, typical annoying behavior and the like.  Still using diverse styles of music, this album is even more jazzy and upbeat.  We laughed and sang together on this one since my kids were now all old enough to join in.   I get brave and perform much more in the recordings.  Several of the songs I had been singing for years in concert and had just never recorded.  This is one that many families say is always in the car to keep the kids singing and entertained.  Give it a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

Musicians: Dr. Mike: Lead and Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha PSR 600

Jack Chesterfield: Background Vocals, Korg Trinity Synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

James Chesterfield: Drums, Electric Guitar, Jamie Blattman: Bass Guitar, Wendy Prisbylla: Background Vocals, Rosemary Mahon: Background Vocals, Beth Barnes: Background Vocals, Dr. Mikes Amazing Childrens Choir: Mary and Ben McCabe, Melanie and Michael Mulig, Natalie and Andrew Spehar, Brandon Blattman

Listen to the Music

Track 1 – The Doctor Is In
Track 2 – Happy Song
Track 3 – Baby
Track 4 – Jesus Loves You
Track 5 – Imagination
Track 6 – Halloween
Track 7 – It’s Starting
Track 8 – I Gotta Do It
Track 9 – Who Cares
Track 10 – I Love You
Track 11 – If I Were a Butterfly
Track 12 – Annoying Songs
Track 13 – Just Say No

The Message of Christmas

The Message of Christmas

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“The Message of Christmas” is a result of friends, fans, and family asking for an album for Christmas, as well as a desire to write songs that would describe Christmas to my children. Six of the songs are original and five are traditional. Each cassette comes with a narrative explaining why I chose the song and what I feel its special message is.

All songs performed by: “The Not Ready for Prime Time Players”, Kathryn Abersold – Flute on “Silent Night”, Clint Alguire – Drums on “Santa”, George Bachman – Guitar on “Silent Night”, Jack Chesterfield – All Instruments and Background Vocals, James Chesterfield – Vocals, Lisa Chesterfield – Keyboard and Vocals, Becky Conery – Vocals, Barry Fites – Keyboard on “Santa”, Dave Marchionne – Fretless bass on “Santa”, Ben McCabe – Vocals, Mary McCabe – Vocals, Mike McCabe – Lead and Background Vocals, Maureen Murray – Vocals, Andrew Spehar – Vocals, Gary Spehar – Vocals, Natalie Spehar – Vocals, Christine Thomas – Vocals
All Original Songs by Chesterield and McCabe except for “Christmas Cookies” by Chesterfield and L. Spehar

Listen to the Music

Track 1 – Message of Christmas
Track 2 – Snowfall
Track 3 – Child of God
Track 4 – Frosty
Track 5 – Merry Christmas
Track 6 – Rudolph
Track 7 – Christmas Cookies
Track 8 – The 12 Days of Christmas T.V.
Track 9 – Away in a Manger
Track 10 – Santa
Track 11 – Silent Night

Kids Live Here

Kids Live Here


“Kids Live Here” is my second release and more bouncy and diverse by comparison (just as life became with the addition of our second child). It’s jazziness and broader subject matter has been a big hit not only with the toddlers, but also the preschoolers and young grade-schoolers. Once again, I kept the music style enjoyable for parents too. The March 1994 Booklist review calls it “tuneful encouragement for children to hug nap, play or stop whining!”

Words and Music by: Mike McCabe
Arrangements and Additional Music by: Jack Chesterfield
Lead and Background Vocals by Mike McCabe
Additional Background Vocals by Becky, Erin, Ryan and Scott Conery; Lee and Natalie Spehar; James Chesterfield

All Instruments played by Jack Chesterfield

Listen to the Music

Track 1 – Time to Run, Time to Play
Track 2 – Pretty Colors
Track 3 – Barn Symphony
Track 4 – Reach, Grab and Chew
Track 5 – The Bubble Song
Track 6 – Hug Bugs
Track 7 – Snoozeville
Track 8 – The Bubster
Track 9 – The Whining Song
Track 10 – Ice Cream Sunday
Track 11 – The Traveling Song
Track 12 – Almost Home
Track 13 – Kids Live Here

Put On a Happy Face and Sing

Put On a Happy Face and Sing


My first album, “Put on a Happy Face and Sing”, has enjoyed great success. First released in November 1990 (and soon to be re-released this summer), it has received great reviews from families with infants and toddlers. The subject matter is everyday activities that children of this age enjoy. The parents and the older siblings enjoy the humor, beat, and lullabies.

Words and Music by: Michael McCabe
Lead and Background Vocals by Michael McCabe
*Joined on WIGA WAGA WOO by Natalie Spehar and Jimmy Chesterfield
All Instruments, recording and mixing by Jack Chesterfield
Produced by Jack Chesterfield and Michael McCabe
Art Concepts and Mechanicals by John P. Nimen

Listen to the Music

Track 1 – Put on a Happy Face and Sing
Track 2 – Num Num Time
Track 3 – Foodioes
Track 4 – Wiga Waga Woo
Track 5 – The Rocker Song
Track 6 – Mary Had a Little Lamb
Track 7 – Going for a Ride
Track 8 – Anybody Up?
Track 9 – Walker Stalker
Track 10 – Bath Time
Track 11 – PJ’s
Track 12 – Sweet Dreams
Track 13 – Mr. Moon