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About Me

drmikeabout1Dr. Mike is a full time pediatrician, husband and father of four.  He first started writing and recording original songs he wrote about life with his new family and the adventures they had.  Over the last 20  years he has been exploring the growing awareness of the world that each child experiences and that each family experiences.  His most recent project deals with the spiritual growth of children, writing 15 original songs inspired by his work with the children of St. Paul’s Parish in North Canton.   Dr. Mike uses his knowledge of childhood development as well as his one on one conversations with kids to create songs that tell of a child’s journey to find his or her way in this .

Personal Profile:

Born  Michael E. McCabe 10/18/56  in Peoria, Il

Raised in Central and South America

Musician since I can remember

Pediatrician for over 25 years

wife, Ann;  four children

Business Profile:

Specializing in Children’s Music and Children-Related Special Events and Pediatric Hospitalist.

The subject for Dr. Mike’s songs is children growing and interacting with their world. The lyrics and music are written in a way that they are enjoyable to both kids and their parents or caregivers. His songs have been described by parents as touching and uplifting.  Over 6,000 copies of his recordings have been sold to families and libraries around the country.


Junior League “Children’s Holiday”  1992

Cultural Center for the Arts “Funfest” – 1992,1993, 1995

John Trapani Big Band Christmas Show- 1993,1994

John Trapani Big Band Spring Show – 1994

Canton Center Kids Count – 1993,1994

Hugs “Family Together Time” – 1994, 1995

North Canton Kindergarten Family Night-  1993, 1994

Main Street Festival- 1995, 1997

“Celebrate Life, Celebrate Success”  1998, 2003, 2008

Hall of Fame Ribs Burn off- 2001

NCMF Family Day- 2002, 2004

Railroad Days Summer Festival 2004

YWCA Homeless Shelter Fundraiser- 2001

Mentor Day Workshop- 2002 – 2008

All School Mass Cantor- 2005-2007

Edge Core Member- 2005-2006

Many School workshops, retreats and special events

Recorded Works:

Put on a  Happy Face and Sing – Has received great reviews since November, 1990,  especially from families with infants and toddlers. The subject matter is everyday activities that children of this age enjoy.

Kids Live Here – Bouncy and diverse. It’s jazziness and broader subject matter has    been a big hit not only with the toddlers, but also the preschoolers and young grade-schoolers. Songs like “I’m a Whining and I can’t seem to stop!” and “The      Bubster” get families together to sing and dance about their lives together.

The Message of Christmas – Created by a desire to write something that would   explain Christmas to his children~ Six songs are original and five are traditional. Each cassette comes with a narrative explaining why Dr. Mike chose the song and what he feels is the song’s special message.

The Dr Is In– A collection of concert favorites and songs written for and about the lives of Grade Schoolers.  Subjects deal with imagination, bullying, self-esteem, and the treasures that each child has inside.

Mission: My latest collection exploring the faith journey of each child as they come to find the special purpose in life the God has for them.  Being open to God, realizing that you are special because God mad you that way, learning how to serve and love you neighbor, and how to be thankful for all the God blesses us with each day.


On March 15, 1994, Dr. Mike’s Kids Live Here tape, was reviewed by Lolly Gepson in Booklist, a publication of the American Library Association which reviews selected books and audiovisual material. The review says that “the musical styles in Kids live Here range from country and western, calypso and rock to a soothing lullaby. McCabe’s diction is clear and his voice is pleasing. Background vocals are soft, harmonic and playful. Tuneful encouragement for children to hug, nap, play or stop whining.”

Of Dr. Mike’s The Message of Christmas, Lolly Gepson of Booklist wrote that it is a “frothy mixture of traditional and modern Christmas classics” and that “some original lyrics are added to traditional tunes as in ‘ Child of God’ and ‘Santa’.”  Gepson also noted that “McCabe’s pleasing voice is just right in the finger-snapping selections” which are “sometimes sung to a calypso or soft-rock beat.  ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘ Silent Night’ are pleasingly accompanied by solo guitar.”  Dr. Mike’s ‘Christmas Cookies’ is “sprinkled with the tastes and smells of the seasonal kitchen and ‘ Twelve Days of Christmas Television’ offers a wonderful spoof.”  McCabe’s songs in The Message of Christmas, “preach about peace and people living in harmony.”

Additional Information:

Being a Pediatrician has given Dr. Mike an insight unique to most writers of music of this kind. Although his music is categorized as “Children’s Music”, he prefers to not call it such. “The purpose of my music is to draw the family together and celebrate what they are all about” says Dr. Mike. The types and styles of music chosen by Dr. Mike shows this very thing. “I like songs that are of a nature that both child and adult will enjoy. The lyrics have things that will give both age groups something to enjoy and share. My goal is to have songs that are enjoyed by both adult and child, although often for different reasons.”  The melodies and lyrics are arranged in an upbeat and refreshing way thanks to the musical geniues of  Jack Chesterfield in the first four projects, and Martin Nielsen in “Mission”.