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It has arrived!

Mission is a collection of songs written over 8 years with and for the children of Saint Paul’s Church in North Canton, OH. What started it all, was a project with the fourth graders who were working on writing their own personal mission statements. They partnered with someone they identified as a mentor and then began the process of exploring the calling that God had for each of them. Each year a class would get together with me and we would discuss the ideas that were important to them: Service, Making a difference, Following God’s Word, etc.. Using musical Styles that would best bring out the ideas and the unique personality of each group, I came up with a song that they could call their own. Over this time as well, I would be asked to write something for a particular Mass who’s theme was this or that, or for a particular workshop that they were involved in. With the church’s youth group as well, I wrote songs about issues that were important to them.

Now my mission is to spread this journey of faith and music with the world to hopefully inspire and continue the work God started in our parish. Peace.

All songs written by Mike McCabe except “War of the Worlds” written by Ben and Mike McCabe. Lead Vocals by Mike McCabe, except for “Come Be Born in Me”. Lead Vocals by Emma Nielsen and Mike McCabe. Background Vocals: Mary McCabe, Michael Mulig, John Delamater, Erin Montgomery, Chelsea Roden, Scott Calhoun, Thom Nikolaidis, Chriss Mickridge, Laura Konawal, Tosca Rolf, Leslie Nielsen, and the Singers on 22nd Street. Keys/Piano: Steve Parsons Guitars: Moss Binquin, Ben McCabe on “War of the Worlds”, Martin Nielsen Bass/Drum-prog: Martin Nielsen Percussion: Andreas Dobbs. Album concept and design by Melanie Mulig Produced by Martin Nielsen for Airborne Productions and Michael McCabe Recorded at Airborne Productions 2008.

The Music:

1. New Century

2. For God’s Purpose

3. You, You, You

4. Mission

5. The Edge

6. Automatically

7. Believe

8. Our God is Wonderful

9. Thank You God

10. Our Mission in Life

11. God Said

12. Come Be Born in Me

13. Beacon

14. War of Worlds (feat. Ben McCabe)

15. We Can Make a Difference


CD is available locally at St.Rafael Bookstore, Aultman Gift Shop, Davies Drug Stores, St. Paul’s Church office

CD is available on Web at CDbaby.com

napster.com itunes.com

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