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Put On a Happy Face and Sing

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My first album, “Put on a Happy Face and Sing”, has enjoyed great success. First released in November 1990 (and soon to be re-released this summer), it has received great reviews from families with infants and toddlers. The subject matter is everyday activities that children of this age enjoy. The parents and the older siblings enjoy the humor, beat, and lullabies.

Words and Music by: Michael McCabe
Lead and Background Vocals by Michael McCabe
*Joined on WIGA WAGA WOO by Natalie Spehar and Jimmy Chesterfield
All Instruments, recording and mixing by Jack Chesterfield
Produced by Jack Chesterfield and Michael McCabe
Art Concepts and Mechanicals by John P. Nimen

Listen to the Music

Track 1 – Put on a Happy Face and Sing
Track 2 – Num Num Time
Track 3 – Foodioes
Track 4 – Wiga Waga Woo
Track 5 – The Rocker Song
Track 6 – Mary Had a Little Lamb
Track 7 – Going for a Ride
Track 8 – Anybody Up?
Track 9 – Walker Stalker
Track 10 – Bath Time
Track 11 – PJ’s
Track 12 – Sweet Dreams
Track 13 – Mr. Moon

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