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The Doctor is In

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The Dr. Is In

Released in 1998, this collection of songs continues to change in perspective as my kids are growing up.  Now in Grade School, the songs explore self esteem, performance anxiety, fear, peer pressure, make believe, typical annoying behavior and the like.  Still using diverse styles of music, this album is even more jazzy and upbeat.  We laughed and sang together on this one since my kids were now all old enough to join in.   I get brave and perform much more in the recordings.  Several of the songs I had been singing for years in concert and had just never recorded.  This is one that many families say is always in the car to keep the kids singing and entertained.  Give it a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

Musicians: Dr. Mike: Lead and Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha PSR 600

Jack Chesterfield: Background Vocals, Korg Trinity Synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

James Chesterfield: Drums, Electric Guitar, Jamie Blattman: Bass Guitar, Wendy Prisbylla: Background Vocals, Rosemary Mahon: Background Vocals, Beth Barnes: Background Vocals, Dr. Mikes Amazing Childrens Choir: Mary and Ben McCabe, Melanie and Michael Mulig, Natalie and Andrew Spehar, Brandon Blattman

Listen to the Music

Track 1 – The Doctor Is In
Track 2 – Happy Song
Track 3 – Baby
Track 4 – Jesus Loves You
Track 5 – Imagination
Track 6 – Halloween
Track 7 – It’s Starting
Track 8 – I Gotta Do It
Track 9 – Who Cares
Track 10 – I Love You
Track 11 – If I Were a Butterfly
Track 12 – Annoying Songs
Track 13 – Just Say No

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