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The Message of Christmas

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“The Message of Christmas” is a result of friends, fans, and family asking for an album for Christmas, as well as a desire to write songs that would describe Christmas to my children. Six of the songs are original and five are traditional. Each cassette comes with a narrative explaining why I chose the song and what I feel its special message is.

All songs performed by: “The Not Ready for Prime Time Players”, Kathryn Abersold - Flute on “Silent Night”, Clint Alguire - Drums on “Santa”, George Bachman - Guitar on “Silent Night”, Jack Chesterfield - All Instruments and Background Vocals, James Chesterfield - Vocals, Lisa Chesterfield - Keyboard and Vocals, Becky Conery - Vocals, Barry Fites - Keyboard on “Santa”, Dave Marchionne - Fretless bass on “Santa”, Ben McCabe - Vocals, Mary McCabe - Vocals, Mike McCabe - Lead and Background Vocals, Maureen Murray - Vocals, Andrew Spehar - Vocals, Gary Spehar - Vocals, Natalie Spehar - Vocals, Christine Thomas - Vocals
All Original Songs by Chesterield and McCabe except for “Christmas Cookies” by Chesterfield and L. Spehar

Listen to the Music

Track 1 - Message of Christmas
Track 2 - Snowfall
Track 3 - Child of God
Track 4 - Frosty
Track 5 - Merry Christmas
Track 6 - Rudolph
Track 7 - Christmas Cookies
Track 8 - The 12 Days of Christmas T.V.
Track 9 - Away in a Manger
Track 10 - Santa
Track 11 - Silent Night

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